Logo of Santo Domingo de la Calzada Cathedral in La Rioja. This is the English version of the Official Website of Santo Domingo de la Calzada Cathedral which has always been linked to The Pilgrimage of St. James.

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From its beginnings Santo Domingo de la Calzada has always been linked to The Pilgrimage of St. James..

Its founder, Domingo García, was born in Viloria de Rioja (Burgos) in 1019. He decided to devote his life to God and tried to enter the monasteries of San Millán and Valvanera but was not accepted.

Around the year 1040 he became a hermit in the forests which occupied the site on which this city now stands. From his home he was able to see how difficult the pilgrimage was for those undertaking it and he began to work to help them by building a bridge to cross the Oja River, a hospital where pilgrims could seek refuge, roads communicating Nájera and Redecilla del Camino (Burgos) and a little church.

Domingo received approval from Alfonso VI de Castilla who provided the piece of land where Domingo built the first church completed in 1106, but which sadly no longer exists.

When he died, on 12th May 1109, he was buried in the middle of the Pilgrimage, which he had designed. His followers maintained the little village which later took his name and they continued his work, creating a confraternity, which nowadays works keeping his memories, traditions and beliefs alive by working with pilgrims in the Hostel.

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